Тема: GPS Tracker QT-7

Пожалуй самый недорогой китайский трекер
Прилагаемая к нему инструкция.
1.SIM Card Inserted In The Correct Direction Locator ,Press The Power Button To Boot.

2.Monitor:Directly dial the number on the locator, the locator automatically connected directly into the listener.If take headphones also can talk to each other.

3.SMS Positioning: Editor the message :8880000 to the locator,system will reply locator current position with SMS.
4.Location Tracking:Editor the message : 6660000 to the locator,system will reply locator current position with SMS,Mobile phone direct track online.

5.Set server command:#134#Server address#Port number#Password## ( Example: #134#m.gps588.com#8469#0000## )

6.Working frequency:This product adopts 850M/900M/1800/1900Mfour frequency technology globally. Standby time: 7 days.

7.Electronic fence: Send text messages:6810000 to equipment SIM
card to open.
8.Cancel fence: Send text messages:6800000 to equipment SIM
card to cancel.

9.Track replay: Track on the website:m.gps588.com.
10.Voice call:1-2 seconds into the voice calls mode (Into the headset can call each other, disconnect the headset to the listening mode)
11.Set APN command:# 802 # APN# user name #password # last 4 password## (Example::#802#APN#000000#0000##)

Special statement:
1.the product have technology to change without prior notice.
2.Product appearance and color is subject to change, in kind prevail.
3.Warranty card is only applicable to the IMEI number listed machines.
4.Please keep the card, show this card and the original purchase documents when guarantee.
5.The specific scope under warranty please see table explanation.

Помогите подключить к сервису gps-tracker.com.ua

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Re: GPS Tracker QT-7

Формат ответного сообщения 请链接 http://agps.huashiwang.com/lbs/?mcc=255 … llid=16693 4.15 V 92.91%
отвечает на команду DWL  и с какойто непонятной переодичностью шлёт СМС.
Помогите его настроить.Китайский сервак куда он ссылается не работает.